Reset Life Coaching

Reset Life Coaching

So what is reset life coaching?

A life coach helps their client to identify their goals and to develop plans to meet these goals. Life coaching is working with a client one on one to determine their needs, explore any issues they are currently facing and to find the best strategy for going forward. 

Reset life coaching delves a little further by asking questions such:

  • Is there something that may be holding you back from living your life to your full potential? 

  • Is there a limiting belief or maybe an event from your past that has shaped your view of the world?  

As a reset life coach I will work with you to explore these perceptions, working through your values, your beliefs, your goals and your intentions.

Life Coaching Sessions


Reset life coaching sessions are available via video conference or telephone.  The aim of each coaching session is to help clients by being a starting point for exploring possibilities and to find information and direction.  Together we will find ways of addressing the challenges you may be facing at this time of your life.  


Reset life coaching aims to help you not only celebrate and embrace your journey, but to delve into different options such as learning new skills, uncovering long lost (or finding new) hobbies, activities, whatever it is you need. 

1 hour session - $130

*15% discount for workshop attendees

Life Coaching (Individual)

One off life coaching session to help you establish where you would like to start in your journey. 

4x 1 hour sessions - $450

*15% discount for workshop attendees  

Life Coaching (4 Sessions)

When you feel it might take several sessions to help you step onto the path in life you are seeking. 

6x 1 hour sessions - $600

*15% discount for workshop attendees

Life Coaching (6 Sessions)

Working together through a number of sessions we will explore different areas and opportunities.