About me


It would be a fair description to say I have had over the last 30 odd years

a rather braided career (I love that expression which someone used to

describe my working life). 


My working years have seen me in the guises of being a qualified fashion

designer who discovered she wasn't that keen on sewing after all. This

journey was followed by a stint in the Defence Force where I was lucky

enough to travel and live around Australia. 


After working in libraries in the Defence Force (yes they do have libraries!),

I studied for a degree in librarianship as I have always had a keen interest

in research.


Later in life I also thought it would be a good idea to study for a Masters degree in Public Policy, but find I am now happier using this knowledge in less traditional ways.

On a personal level I have raised my sons on my own and am particularly proud of the young adults they have become.  I have 2 cats who rule the roost. I am a novice bike rider who enjoys keeping fit/social riding and practising yoga.  I became so keen on yoga that I studied to become a yoga teacher! 

My working life has been largely in the corporate world, holding a steady job where there has been a lot of security and safety, but not a lot of creativity.  To compensate and fuel my creative needs I have always been busy doing and learning lots of other things such as volunteer telephone counselling, genealogy, mosaics, ceramics, cryptic crosswords, quilting and roller blading (the last one not quite so successfully...), to name a few.   


Turning 50, quite unexpectedly, became a time of reassessment and questioning about where I was in life.  From these questions came many thoughts and ideas about how I wanted to move forward.  Ultimately I wished to find my natural path in life, the one that felt right for me.  

So putting together all my skills, knowledge and life experiences I veered towards another fork in the road.  A path that I have found to be immensely fulfilling as I help guide others.  After all, the answers we seek are already in us, it is simply a matter of asking the right questions. 



Certified Life Coach

MPPM (Masters of Public Policy and Management)

BAppSc (Information & Library Studies)